Why is My Ping So High All of a Sudden? (Reason and Fixes)

Why is My Ping So High All of a Sudden

If you're wondering why your ping is so high right now, you're not alone. ” Then listen to what we have to say.


A game with your pals is the most enjoyable and exciting thing you can do, and nothing can ruin it more than lag in your gaming rhythm. Believe me when I say that your game's latency is caused by an issue with the frame per second (fps) waterfall.

The length of time it takes for a signal to go round trip from your system to the internet server and back to your system is known as lag or latency.

Highly Recommended Solutions to Fix High Pings in Online Games

One of the most common causes of high ping in Windows 10 is outdated or missing graphics card drivers.

To resolve this issue, use an automated and competent driver upgrading application, such as Bit Driver Updater, to upgrade your graphics driver to the most recent version.

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The following are a few crucial issues to be aware of:

What is Ping

The length of time it takes your computer to transmit and receive a signal from the internet server on the other end of your system is known as ping. In your situation, the network latency between your gaming device and the game server is the issue.

The name "ping" originates from World War I when sonar signals exchanged between two submarines were referred to as the "ping." When the submarines' sonar radiation contacted solid things ahead of or behind them, especially other submarines, it made a literal high-pitched metallic "ping" sound. Decades later, the word was resurrected to describe the speed with which your system's internet delivers messages to the server computer and back.

What are high ping and low ping

  1. When the frame rate is approximately 20 ms or a little more, it is considered low ping.
  2. A frame rate of 150 milliseconds is considered a high ping.
  3. The term "normal ping" refers to a frame rate of 75-100 milliseconds.

Top 13 Reasons Why Your Ping is So High

One or more of the following causes might be the main cause of latency in your game or a high ping:

  1. Your Internet Service Provider's quality and diversity (ISP)
  2. Your internet connection's speed
  3. When your available bandwidth is insufficient.
  4. Configurations of the firewall
  5. The location of your server and your geographical location for
  6. The distance between your system and the router influences ping.
  7. In the background, there are more websites.
  8. The number of devices connected to a single Wi-Fi network.
  9. Type of Router
  10. The router has stopped working.
  11. Upgrades should be planned.
  12. Examine your Windows connection options.
  13. The system has been overheated.

Let's go through each of the issues in further depth and come up with a way to alleviate them so that your device can run your game smoothly and constantly.

Reason 1: Quality and Variety of Your Internet Service Provider (ISP)

The reason for your high ping might be due to a poor Internet Service Provider selection. 

If you're a professional gamer, this might be the cause of your frequent high pitch on and off.

Ensure that you have checked with your service provider regarding the latency and speed of your internet connection when picking a provider.

Solution: If a high ping is the result of this first assessment, the only option to remedy it is to move to a different internet service provider.

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Reason 2: Internet Connection Speed

The speed of my internet connection is one factor that might help me figure out why my ping has suddenly increased. A high ping might be caused by very slow speeds. If you utilize a 56K modem or a dial-up connection, you may have a greater ping.

Solution: When your ping is discovered to be excessive, having a decent broadband connection might benefit you a lot.

Reason 3: When Your Bandwidth is Not Adequately Sufficient

The need for optimal bandwidth, as well as connectivity and network efficiency, is not a must. However, you may still require a specific bandwidth. You'll need enough bandwidth to stream your games as well as upload and download files. Inadequate bandwidth will create delays in the entire process of sending and receiving signals, resulting in a higher ping over the system.

Solution: Make sure you have enough bandwidth to explain why your ping is greater.

Reason 4: Firewall Configurations

Firewalls that monitor web traffic directly, in particular, might cause increased delay since they regard the game as an invader.

Solution: Either turn off your firewall or make the game an exception to it. This will ensure that your game is no longer unable to transmit and receive signals to and from the server.

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Reason 5: Your Geographical Location as Well as Your Servers Impact Ping

A higher ping is possible if the distance between you and your server is greater. Your ping will be lower the closer the server is to you.

If your server is situated in the United States and you are physically located in Russia, your ping will most likely be greater.

Solution: If you have the option of selecting a server that is closer to your location, you may be able to reduce your system's ping.

Reason 6: Distance of Your System from the Router

When your gaming device is located far away from the router, you will experience higher ping. A reduction in network speed would result in a greater ping.

Solution: Play your game close to your router. Make sure your router is close to where you're sitting. A faster network speed means your device will function more smoothly, and your game will have a normal ping, allowing you to progress through your game without interruption.

Reason 7: Additional Websites Running on the Background

When we play games while other programs or applications are running in the background, the ping for our games rises since some apps, such as Netflix and YouTube, consume more bandwidth.

Solution: Close any background apps and web pages, which will significantly reduce your ping and restore it to normal.

Reason 8: Number of Devices Tagged to a Single Wi-Fi

When more devices are connecting to a single Wi-Fi, the probability of having a larger ping increases.

Solution: To ensure a normal ping, make sure you have only your device connected to the Wi-Fi connection, if at all feasible. This will undoubtedly provide you with a satisfying gaming experience.

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Reason 9: Router Type

Two types of routers could be the source of your “why is my ping so high?” question.

  • Wired Router: Wired routers provide fast speed and a reliable network connection. This will take care of all of your pings.
  • Wireless routers provide you with a slower connection and a less reliable network. You may notice a greater ping with this wireless router.
  • Solution: If at all feasible, utilize a wireless router.

Reason 10: Router has Ceased Functioning

If you have been using a low-grade router, the router may cease working when you are utilizing Wi-Fi. You must first clean your router before disconnecting the power line. You'll have to restart the computer.

Solution: Invest in a high-quality router that can run indefinitely.

Reason 11: Plan Up-gradations

If you have a low-bandwidth internet plan with limited data, you could experience inconsistent speeds.

When you're playing games, such mistakes might cost you time and raise the game's ping. A lesser internet plan might also be to blame for the question, "why is my system's ping so high?"

Solution: To reduce or normalize the ping to the point where you have a smooth, uninterrupted service, you may need to change your internet package plan to a medium or higher one, which will smooth out your gaming experience.

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Reason 12: Check Your Windows Settings

There may be issues with your network or connection settings if you've been using Windows 10. This can raise your gaming device's ping and help you figure out why your ping is so high.

Solution: You should reset your network settings once a week to guarantee that you have less difficulties caused by your Windows 10 connection settings. This will result in a lower ping and a more enjoyable gaming experience.

Reason 13: Excessive Heating of the System

Overheating of your router might be caused by higher ping.

Solution: Try to cool down your system to guarantee that your gaming gadget runs smoothly.

A Close Up: Why is My Ping So High

To wrap off this post, we'd like to point out that we've discussed 13 reasons why your system's ping may appear to be excessive when you're attempting to play your game. We also supplied you with appropriate alternatives to assist you in reducing your high ping issue. If you are aware of any other issue that results in a higher ping and can provide explanations to why your ping is high, please use the drop box and let us know. Please leave your recommendations in the comments section below.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the best driver update software

My ping suddenly increased

If your ping has suddenly increased, we recommend reducing the distance between the router and the computer by bringing the router closer to the PC. Also, make sure there's nothing in the way of the router's antenna. Remove it if there is one to increase internet speed. Ping is affected by internet speed.

Why is my ping so high but my internet is good?

Even if you have a fast internet connection, you may have excessive ping in online gaming. The internet ping speed is affected by a number of things. Your internet connection, PC, game settings, or other reasons could all be contributing to your high ping speed.

Why is my warzone ping so high?

Lag spikes are frequently caused by WiFi channel contention and poor reception. As a result, we always recommend playing shooter games on a connected network to avoid possible interference. Don't forget to double-check your cords. Lagging can be caused by faulty or broken cables.

Is 100ms ping bad?

Most broadband connections have ping times of less than 100 milliseconds. In gaming, pings of less than 20 milliseconds are considered remarkable and referred to as "low ping," while pings of 50 to 100 milliseconds are considered "very good to average," and pings of 150 milliseconds or more are termed "high ping."

Is 30 a good ping?

30–60 is adequate, but not exceptional, and will not deliver any discernible benefits. You'll have a 60–200 ping disadvantage over the other player, resulting in you losing since they respond faster and it doesn't register for you until it's too late.

Is 0 ping possible?

When using the internet, the lowest possible ping is optimal. As a result, a zero ping is the ideal situation. This suggests our computer was connecting with a remote server in real time. Unfortunately, data packets require time to travel due to physics laws.

What is the highest ping possible?

Ping An Technology holds the world record with a score of 90.6 as of March 30, 2020, with Baidu in second place and Alibaba in third. GLUE is the most prestigious competition in the field of NLP and one of the most important indicators of NLP technology's technical level.

Is high ping good or bad?

Your ping is measured in milliseconds (ms), and the lower it is, the better. A ping time of less than 20 milliseconds is excellent, and one of less than 100 milliseconds is average. If your game experience is delayed by more than 150 milliseconds, you will notice lagging or freezing.

Is 5ms response time good for gaming?

Response time is 5 milliseconds. The length of time it takes for a monitor or panel to change the attributes of each pixel is referred to as response. As a result, a GtG response time of 5ms or less is ideal for gaming. However, because of the speedier replies, aficionados prefer 1ms.

Is 70 ping too high?

Anything less than 100 is OK as long as it is consistent. I went from 17 to 70, and it's a world of difference. Lower ping makes the game feel much more sharp.

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