How to Update Xbox One Controller Drivers for Windows 10

 If you are a comprehensive player, you will definitely know how to update the Xbox One Xbox One console drivers. Once you connect one Xbox console for Windows 10, you may find that you are unable to play your games with the help of the console.

How to Update Xbox One Controller Drivers for Windows 10

Microsoft is often released firmware updates for gaming accessory. You can not be a driver problem, you think Windows automatically updates the drivers.

So you should wonder what can be after that? Well, this may be, the drivers are not installed correctly. In this case, you will need to update the Xbox One console driver on your own.

I have reported the best way to update the Xbox One console drivers on your own in this blog.

The recommended way to load Xbox controller drivers

If you do not want to waste your precious time searching for drivers throughout the web, we recommend using an updated bit driver. This software analysis is an easy to use all your hardware components and operational programs at the actual time, and then allow you to replace those old or defective with their latest versions. Below is a download button for the program.


Fast and easy ways to update xbox one for Windows 10:

Let us recognize the downloads to download your Xbox controller driver in the next part.

Method 1: Connect your console

Before we begin to update the Xbox One controller driver, let us first learn how to connect a Windows 10 controller. Sometimes, if there are some connection issues, you may not be able to play the game after you connect to your Windows computer.

Therefore, you can help troubleshooting connections already troubleshooting in the game running correctly. There are different ways to do this as shown below:

Update Xbox controller wirelessly

If you are here to learn how to update your Xbox, respond - please go wireless.

Note that firmware version numbers differ between different types of existing controllers. There are restrictions, although this facility is available only in that compact observer in June 2015 or posted that date. These speakers typically contain a 3.5 mm headset socket are located below the console always next to the extension port.

Follow the steps below to update the Xbox console:

Step 1: Your Xbox belt to the Internet.

Step 2: Click Settings on Xbox One

Step 3: Connector to the Kinect tab and devices.

Step 4: Go to hardware and accessories.

Step 5: Discover more and click Open.

Step 6: Press the box known as firmware version to check whether any available update. Click Update if there is one or appearance or otherwise, if there is not visible, your device will be updated.

Step 7: Press A If there is a firmware version box.

Step 8: Check the update now.

Your update will be downloaded to achieve an Xbox LIVE console that will be automatically installed.

Update Xbox controller with Micro-USB

You will need a micro-USB cable to connect both devices.

Step 1: Join your Xbox to Internet services.

Step 2: Check the console on the Settings tab.

Step 3: Go to the Kinect and Devices tab.

Step 4: Verify the hardware tab and accessories.

Step 5: Select from different options.

Step 6: If the box reads, "no updates", meaning you are good to go and if the box reads there are updates available, please click on.

Step 7: Press A for firmware version.

Step 8: Select Update Now. Do not remove the Micro-USB cable while downloading.

Update the Xbox controller with Bluetooth

There is another way to update the Xbox controller by using the Bluetooth option on Windows 10, and should also contain an Xbox controller with one Xbox installed. Click to run the Control Panel by clicking the Xbox button, and then click the "WIN" key "I" to move to the settings.

Scroll to devices and select the Bluetooth option. Keep Bluetooth to detect the surrounding devices and with the poorer button to the wireless console.

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Method 2: Update Xbox One Controller Drivers

If you are able to fix the connection problem as described above, the following thing will be to download the Xbox One for Windows 10 controller driver. There are several ways to do so manually, or automatically. Here's how you can do this:

1. Manually update the Xbox One Console drivers

a. Update from manufacturer's website:

Visit the manufacturer's website and search for the correct driver versions is how to manually update the Xbox One Controller driver. Now you need to download the latest version of the driver. These files are usually automatically executable and can be easily installed by following existing screen instructions on your computer.

However, this is a very difficult way and needs a good amount of technical experience to manually download the driver.

B. Update one Xbox console drivers via Device Manager

If the automatic installation step is not completed in some way when you update your Xbox ONE controller from the manufacturer's site, you can update it with the help of Device Manager as follows:

Step 1: Go to Device Manager from Control Panel.

Step 2: Expand Global Serial Bus Control Slide and right-click the USB compound option to select the "Update Driver" option.

Step 3: Select Automatically Option for the updated driver. " Update the driver

Step 4: Windows will automatically look for the latest updates and you can install when they appear on the screen.

Step 5: You can continue to follow the instructions on the screen to complete the process.

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2. Automatically updates the ONE Xbox controller drivers with Driver driver

If you want to save your time and effort, use a free driver run tool is a good option to automatically download the Xbox controller drivers. We recommend using the DIT DRIVER UPDATER to do the task to update your device drivers for you.


You can visit the Web site to install this Updater tool, and then scan your system with the detection of old drivers and damage. When detected, the tool is looking for updated versions of this driver. You can install it on your system with one click and can enjoy your games again.


Therefore, this friends were fully evidence of how to download and update Xbox controller drivers and update them on your Windows 10 controller independently.

We hope you now connect Xbox One to your computer and play your trouble-free games with one Xbox console.

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